The Cross House Tavern Tewkesbury

The Cross House Tavern Tewkesbury
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The Cross House Tavern™

Monday to Saturday 12noon to 9pm
Sunday 12noon to 6pm

Cross House, 108 Church Street
Tewkesbury, GL20 5AB
Tel: 07931 692 227

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Local Real Ales Ciders and Perrys
Tolsey Lane Tewkesbury Landlords Laurence and Cath are proud to source all drink from local brewers including: Goff's Brewery at Winchcombe, Inferno Brewey at Tewkesbury, Ledbury Brewery, Malvern Brewery, and Pershore Brewery. The Beers, Ciders and Perrys change daily.
When visiting please ask about the Cross House Tavern's heritage. It has been restored with a great deal of dedication from a few towns people and the hardest working of all (a legend), the Landlords.
It is again Victorian style with Real Local Ales (including Vegan Beer), Ciders, Perrys, Wines and Snacks (all sourced within 20 miles), with beer from tapped barrels (kegs) much as it was when known as the Tolsey Inn and Coach House in the early 20th centrury.
The picture left shows the side of the Tavern around 1850, the woman wearing a white apron is in the current Tavern rear entrance doorway (pictured urther down).
One modern difference is the Tavern also serves 'Bottom Sniffers' Dog Beer (non alcoholic).
The Tavern's Bar...
The Cross House Tavern Bar
The Tavern's back room is available for Meetings and Functions (see following photo)
The Cross House Tavern Meeting and Function Room
A visit from Swindon and North Wiltshire CAMRA during the Tewkesbury Winter Ales Festival is recorded in the photo below.
The Cross House Tavern Meeting and Function Room
The following photographs show some of the earlier completed work and along side how it was before, illustrating the restoration challenges faced including having Victorian tiles remade as they were originaly in Stoke on Trent.
A chance discovery also adding substance to Tewkesbury's legendary tunnels.
The Cross House Tavern Restoration - before
The Cross House Tavern Restoration - before
The following image shows the Main Bar nearing completion, wall tiles largely restored, oak bar being finished.
The Cross House Tavern Restoration - before
The side entrance below in Tolsey Lane (see old picture circa 1850 above)...
The Cross House Tavern Restoration - before
For many decades, more and more layers of plaster and wall coverings were added including a false ceiling which covered up much of the Tudor and Victorian heritage, in some parts expensive damage had been done. In the following image (left) the false walls and ceiling can be seen in a recent shop and on the right the coverings striped out revealing damaged Victorian tiles and Tudor oak beams.
The Cross House Tavern Restoration - before
Part of an old 'tunnel arch' can be seen under the window above, this led under the High Street. The following photos show the Tudor beams appearing, false wall being removed and an example of damage to the Victorian tiles.
The Cross House Tavern Restoration - before
In the cellar below the main part of the room 2 photos above (Main Bar), there are ancient flag stones, the existence of the 'tunnel' long being hidden by the old brick wall. It's possible a concealed entrance existed, loose rubble now fills the void in the floor under the window, their may have been a trap door and steps, now long gone. See following photos.
The Cross House Tavern Restoration - before
Cross House Sale Particulars 1932 One interesting 1932 sale document with old photographs reveals the inside of the upper floors as they were at that time. The ground floor windows of the former 'Tolsey Inn and Coach House', sold to the Royal Hop Pole Hotel during building alterations can clearly be recognised in the photographs and still in place today as part of the Hop Pole frontage (Church Street). To view the 1932 sale particulars (PDF) click the following button.
 1932 Sale Particulars 
Car Parking is available on street (1 hour) and a short walk away, please look for car park signs near The Cross House Tavern or click the button above to view the Location Map.
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